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The Fire Bringer ----Prometheus

 According to the Greek Mythology, Prometheus was the creator of humanity, as well as the teacher of humanity. He taught humanity everything that benefited, satisfied and made humanity happy. Vice versa, humanity thanked and requited him with love and loyalty. But Zeus, the principal god of the Greek pantheon, required humanity to respect and esteem him only, so Prometheus offended Zeus for being the defender for humanity. To punish Prometheus, Zeus refused to grant humanity the fire – the final thing that helped them to accomplish their civilization. But Prometheus stole the gift of fire to his mortal by all means.
Thereupon, Zeus was so angry that he asked some ones to take Prometheus to Mount Caucasus and chain him to a cliffy rock so that he could not break up and free himself for ever. He could not fall asleep for ever. Moreover, his two tiring legs could not crouch and his breast was nailed with one diamond nail. He suffered from hunger, wind blowing and sunshine. In addition, Zeus asked one god eagle to eat on Prometheus’s liver everyday, but the liver of Prometheus was renewed and put back to being whole. This went on for a long, long time until one hero called Heracles to rescue him before which Prometheus had been bearing inenarrable pain and torture.
The book describes another fire bringer in modern era --- Yang Bin.
Yang Bin, born in Nanjing, China in 1963, became an orphan at the age of five. He was brought up by alms given by many people, so he had suffered from all pains and tortures before the age of eighteen. But all could not beat him down, he became the wealthiest Chinese with RMB7.2 billions Yuan through his hard-work, outstanding wisdom and courage.
When Yang Bin was in possession of large wealth, he could enjoy luxurious and sumptuous life. But to help a population of 2.2 millions people from North Korea to get rid of poverty and live good lives and to pursue the peace of Northeast Asia and Sino-North Korean friendship knitted up by flesh and blood etc, Yang Bin convinced Kim Jong II, the leader of North Korea to learn from China the concepts and successful experience of the special administrative region, and establish Sinuiju Special Administrative Region finally. Yang Bin took the risks of North Korea being sanctioned economically by international community and suffered from prevention and interference from all levels, he accepted the appointment of the Chief Executive of “Sinuiju Special Administrative Region” from North Korea, and organized the draft of the administrative laws of Sinuiju Special Administrative Region. When Yang Bin was to take office and prepared to devote all his wisdom and courage to it, Yang Bin was put into prison in China and now still detained in prison.
To help North Korean people to live good lives and to pursue the peace of Northeast Asia, Yang Bin bit the bullet and had no regard for his safety so that he lost his wealth, his family and even freedom. He is the fire bringer in the 21st century, the modern “Prometheus” who devoted all his life to the peace of Northeast Asia.

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