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Hero--Yang BinThis is a story about a fire bringer full of legends and pities as well as a voluminous biography of Yang Bin, an adopted son of Kim Jong II and the Chief Executive of Sinuiju Special Administrative Region.
Yang Bin, a Chinese with Netherlands nationality, had created numerous wealth in Europe and China, and been invited to set his feet on North Korea which was under “hard march”, so he was filled with mercy and love for North Korean people. He made every painstaking effort for their agricultural modernization and donated his hundreds of millions of wealth to them. His selfless dedication was respected by North Korean people and attached with importance by General Kim Jong II. During special historic period in North Korea, he was given a special identity and opportunity to become the first Chief Executive of "Sinuiju Special Administrative Region" who opened the door of North Korea.
But the history played jokes on him one after another......

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