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Story of Yang Bin, an Adopted Son of Kim Jong II & Chief Executive of Sinuiju Preface to Readers

I handed the manuscripts of a book named Unlucky Fire Bringer – Yang Bin as Far as I know to Pan Yaoming, one of my best friends and the general manager and chief editor of Hongkong Ming Pao Publisher in Hongkong in October, 2003. Thanks to his efforts, this clumsy book was finally published. Then it's published again in Korean version in Seoul, South Korea. It has been four years so far, during which a series of related incidents occurred such as North Korea nuclear issue, Six-Party Talks, North & South Korea Summit Meeting, disability of nuclear facilities of North Korea and better relations between North Korea and US etc. The issue of North Korea still is one of focuses that the whole world pays attention to, while people never forget and media frequently mentioned from time to time that the Sinuiju Special Administrative Region of North Korea and its Chief Executive, Yang Bin, which have countless ties with North Korea issue. Some officials and scholars from other countries commented on it at different occasions sometimes.
I wrote in the postscript of a book named Unlucky Prometheus, the Fire Bringer- Yang Bin as Far as I Know like: "as many materials are not suitable to be disclosed currently, the analysis and all kinds of thoughts over Yang bin case can not be written into the book.. Especially, it’s a great pity that the precious historical pictures that I have taken in North Korea can not also be included in the book. I hope I will be given an opportunity to make a revision so as to devote to readers a more detailed and complete version in the near future.”
North Korea issue has made further progress that the international community welcomes since it has been four year. Many readers that I know and I don’t know asked me about Sinuiju Special Administrative Region and Yang Bin. In July 2004, I addressed lectures in Seoul, Busan and Jejudo Island etc in the name of visiting scholar at the invitation of related authorities from South Korea. The topic of the lecture I addressed at the hall of South Korea Parliament was the “Reform and Opening up Policy of Kim Jong II in view of Sinuiju Special Administrative Region”. I also took part in some scholar symposiums on North Korea issue held in Beijing for several times and talked about my personal opinions on it. Nowadays since it has been four year, North Korea issue has made new change and progress. I disclosed in the book if necessary some information on Sinuiju Special Administrative Region and Yang Bin, of which some are ideas and opinions that I obtained from the discussions with experts on international issues and scholars on North Korea issue from the mainland of China, South Korea and Japan. In September 2007, I consulted with Pan Yaoming to cease the publication of the book from Ming Pao Publisher. After that, I began to make a lot of revisions and supplements to the book in the hope of providing readers with more detailed information so as to know Yang Bin better and truer, renamed it Story of Yang Bin, an Adopted Son of Kim Jong II & Chief Executive of Sinuiju.
This version is different from Unlucky Prometheus, the Fire Bringer- Yang Bin as Far as I Know as first of all, it is added a lot of precious historical materials, namely materials on the process of the negotiation of Sinuiju Special Administrative Region and itself, as well as some pictures of Yang Bin or of the process of the negotiation of the Fundamental Law of Sinuiju Special Administrative Region and North Korea itself with every effort for the best combination of pictures and words.
Secondly, it disclosed the process of the trial of Yang Bin case, some defense statements of Yang Bin and lawyers’ opinions on the case that few people knew.
Thirdly, some scholars and observers thought Yang Bin case was one of the factors to result in North Korea nuclear crisis, a series of incidents of Six-Party Talks and the orientation of Sino-North Korea relations.
Fourthly, there were some thoughts and suggestions that I had on Yang Bin case.
Of course, as a biographer of Yang Bin, I hope that I could provide readers with more information that closer to the facts. But there was still some information that’s not suitable for being disclosed or told frankly temporarily. And I hope further readers would understand me on it.

The writer
In Hongkong on February 19, 2008

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